Monday, April 1, 2013

Upcoming Blogs in April...


Next month we'll look at these topics:

COMPASSION--what is it and how can we truly show others the compassion of the Lord.
 BUSYNESS AND DISTRACTIONS OF LIFE--how to slow down, focus on the Lord, prioritize and learn to say NO!
I'll talk about DREAM STEALERS and how to GET YOUR VISION BACK and keep it in front of you!

We'll continue our series on SPRING CLEANING.  This time, we'll tackle the BATHROOM!

The last Thursday of each month, we will revisit the One Word for Super Mom the Illusion--IMAGINE!

Finally, we will have a book review on Vicki Lucas' book Toxic and find out about her upcoming book Rancid!!  And get a sneak peek of the newest Richard Mabry book Stress Test!!

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