Monday, May 20, 2013

Blessed by My Kids

When Children Surprise You

As a parent who has children who are not walking with the Lord right now, it is easy to get into a mindset that somehow I've failed them AND God.  Well, yesterday was one of those days when the Lord showed me that my kids "get it"!  
Our church had a Pentecost celebration picnic, and as often happens at our church picnics, there was an invitation for anyone who wanted to be baptized.  My niece was one of the first, rededicating herself to the Lord and her walk along the path He chose for her.  Soon, I looked up and saw my middle daughter standing in line.  She had gone to Acquire the Fire with our youth group and ever since had felt a prompting of God to be baptized and choose to dedicate her life to Him and Him alone.  She boldly professed that dedication today.  And the best thing of all was that it was her decision, not mine or my husband's, not out of  peer pressure, but because she fully desires to give the Lord her life.

What transpired next filled my heart beyond measure.  My baby daughter decided to get baptized, too!  Before I knew if, my husband took a stand to make the Lord's Will for his life a priority.  I helped our pastor baptize my husband!  Now it is important to understand that he had been baptized previously.  But that commitment to follow the prompting of God in your life is an essential step in the Christian walk.  
Following my husband in baptism were my youngest two sons.  One of them declared that when he had been baptized a few years ago, it didn't mean anything to him like it did today.  That is also an important thing to note.  When you are baptized and following the process of dying to your flesh and old self, a change should occur. We die to self and are raised in Christ a new creation.  My sons recognized that they hadn't truly experienced that changed in their lives and desired more of the Lord.  
Those words coming from my boys were the confirmation I needed to hear today!  I needed to hear that they longed for a lifelong relationship with Jesus.  

They each had a renewed passion in their lives and were once again on fire for God!  It is amazing how children (and husbands!) will surprise you by confirming what has been prayed over them for years!


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