Friday, May 3, 2013

Tiger Hunt!! Bring Your Kids!!!

Actually, Tiger Hunt is a new eBook for kids!  One Fun Mom has written and Island Brothers book for kids that will enhance their understanding of other cultures and countries.  I'll be posting a review of this book in the next couple of weeks, but until then, please visit these links, enter the GIVEAWAY, and purchase a copy for your children.  After all, for the price of a latte or a Happy Meal, your children can learn valuable lessons while reading a great story!!  

One Fun Mom blog:
the book's site:
Facebook page:
Give Bracelets:

Christy Halsell, author of Tiger Hunt offers these additional resources to accompany the book:  The Island Brothers website has bonus info on Bali to give children a glimpse of another culture.  There are videos and articles children will understand, also language arts printables (vocab and comprehension).  I'll be adding more to it soon, as well.

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