Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Encouraging One Another

Building Your Faith 

Recently, I have experienced what I call "bad days" with homeschooling, with my position in Women's Ministry, with life in general.  Life gets chaotic, hectic and I feel like I can't function in my daily and weekly duties with which I am committed.  But on those particular days, the Lord deliberately places certain people in my path to build me up in my faith.  I feel like giving up on the day, asking for a do-over, or just crawling back into bed and pulling the covers over my head until the next day arrives.  But my Heavenly Father refuses to allow me to do that.  He purposes to send sisters to me with a word of encouragement at just the right time.  

He also uses me as He does my sisters who encourage me.  When the Lord moves us to speak to a sister or to do a certain task, that is our opportunity to be a willing vessel to be used by Him.  The women in our lives are there because we compliment each other.  They have something we need; we have something they need.  
Rest in the Lord knowing that you are either the one He will use or when faced with trying times that He will send someone to you to stand with you, build you up, and encourage you to be steadfast during that time.

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