Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dance in the Rain

Washing Off the Stuff of Life

Rain.  Just the mention of it makes me think of summer days when it would pour own rain and my sister and I would play in the gentle drops in Florida.  There is just something about playing and dancing in the rain that is so freeing!
As Christians, there is also the rain the Lord pours out on us.  The rain on crops makes them grow and flourish and bear fruit.  It's similar to us in our spiritual walk.  It's amazing to see what changes occur after the rain.
Well, I hadn't thought of another purpose of the rain, too.  Have you ever noticed that when it rains, it washes all the junk off of things like your car, the sidewalk and street, and stuff out of trees and bushes?  And of course we all know that when you wash your car, it rains!  The rain of the Father is like that, too.  
When we need His nurturing, His blessings, His comfort, and His forgiveness, we only need to ask Him for rain.  And in the midst of the rain, pray for more rain!  It will wash away the things that are wearing you down in this life and refresh you, restore you and renew you.
Dance in the rain today!!


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