Monday, October 28, 2013

Tests in Life

The Path From Dream to Destiny

I'm reading a wonderful book right now by Robert Morris.  From Dream to Destiny studies the tests that Joseph faced and overcame to become the Prince of Egypt that God has planned as his destiny.  What I really like about this book is Morris goes into detail about the tests Joseph faced in life, but he further relates those tests to what we might face ourselves.  See, the tests Joseph went through and experienced weren't specific only to him.  Did you know Joseph's tests lasted 13 years!  God has tests like the ones Joseph overcame for us, too. 
Morris details the following tests that we must go through on the way to our destinies:

  1. The Pride Test
  2. The Pit Test
  3. The Palace Test
  4. The Purity Test
  5. The Prison Test
  6. The Prophetic Test
  7. The Power Test 
  8. The Prosperity Test
  9. The Pardon test
  10. The Purpose Test 
It is an encouraging book that empowers the Believer to understand what test he or she may be going through in life on the way to the destiny God has planned.  Remember, your dreams may not happen overnight or your destiny reached when you think you should.  Only after we successfully pass each test will God allow us to realize our dream.  I hope you'll get this book and learn where you are in your journey toward the destiny God created you for!


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