Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

At one point or another, you made the decision that educating your children at home was the best thing for your children and your family. You may be starting out on your homeschooling journey and I can tell you that many folks will question you about your choice of schooling. I want you to be prepared to defend that choice in love, though. Because like it or not, people who just don't understand will question you in a manner that might make you feel inadequate, like you've made the wrong choice, and leave you questioning your reasons for homeschooling.

So today, my encouragement to you is to formulate your reasons behind the choice. In business, this looks like a mission and vision statement. Here are some examples and ideas to consider as you think about your "why we homeschool" answer:


Homeschool Vision:
Quality education at home; A new generation of lifelong learners.
Homeschool Mission:
We will continually seek out the newest and best options in technology, curricula, and teaching methods to engage and ignite a passion for learning in our students.

To consider:

  • What do we want to accomplish by homeschooling?
  • Are there Scriptures to back up homeschooling? What are they?
  • How do we view our home school? Is it permanent? Will we only school until middle school? High school? Through graduation?
  • Am I confident in my ability to teach my own children academic subjects?
  • Do I know where to find resources and support?
  • How do I feel about socialization of school-aged children? Socialization with peers or with elders?
These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how you feel about these things because they will probably be topics of discussion with family, friends and even strangers! The better prepared you are to answer, the stronger and more confident you will be on your homeschooling journey!


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