Tuesday, May 27, 2014

TIP TUESDAY: On-the-Go With Kids

When my children were younger, we often ran errands in the morning. As homeschoolers, this was a great time to go to the grocery store, library or park while other school-age children were in school. When we lived in Florida, however, getting to these destinations meant travel time of nearly an hour! Kids, especially younger ones, don't necessarily enjoy riding in a car for that long. So, we began to pack on-the-go back packs for the kids.

In each bag the kids were allowed to pack one toy, but also had to include worksheets of some sort like math or spelling or reading comprehension. This way, they could play and we continued our learning time while I was driving into town. We also packed a basket with bread, peanut butter and honey and jelly in case the children needed a snack while we were out and about!
What tips do YOU have for being on-the-go with your children?


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