Thursday, February 20, 2014

Book Review: Burning Sky

I recently finished reading a very informative and interesting book by Lori Benton. "Burning Sky" is about a girl, Willa Obenchain, who was abducted by the Mohawk Indians and given the name Burning Sky. As she grows older, she is driven to return to the white family she was taken from. Twelve years have passed and her childhood home appears abandoned. A former suitor has gone somewhat mad from the effects of war and claims her parents' land as his own, and Willa meets a wounded soldier named Neil MacGregor. Willa is caught between two worlds: the white man's world in which she was born and the her Mohawk family in which she is Burning Sky. She must rely on her faith in the Almighty and His plan for her life, but is she brave enough?

This story takes place after the Revolutionary War when colonists still feared the native people. The author creates easily the settings with great detail and characters so believable this reader found herself hearing the dialogue between Tames-His-Horse and Burning Sky as the indians would have sounded.
I think as a homeschooling parent that this book would be a wonderful addition and required reading for high school students studying Early American history. The acompanying study guide leads the reader and teacher into a great discussion of the situations, themes, and literary analysis.

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