Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

Life-led Learning: Using the Events of Life to Teach Your Children

During the course of our homeschooling years, we have tried a few different curricula to meet the needs of our children in history and science. Everything from creation science to a season-based history curriculum and textbook based teaching to video curriculum. We never really settled on a set curriculum that seemed to reach in the way I had wanted. So I did what any other homeschooling mother who was tired of "trying" curriculum would do: I let the environment guide our learning!
What I mean is that I stopped trying to fit our learning into a set of lesson plans and instead allowed what was happening around us to be the foundation of that learning. This past September when we were hit with flooding of unprecedented proportions, we took our children out to see what exactly was going on. We talked about how the rain caused reservoirs and dams up in the mountains to break and overflow and that the flooding we were experiencing was from the rain accumulating beyond what man-made systems could contain. It was a wonderful time to share about seedtime and harvest, tithing and to learn about river patterns and erosion, too. It was a time packed with thought-provoking moments, great discussions, and investigation by our children. After all, isn't that what we're wanting in the end of our homeschooling journey? A generation of thinking, investigating and curious lifelong learners who will move mountains and become what God called them to be!
What are some ways you incorporate life-led learning into your homeschooling day?


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