Thursday, February 27, 2014

But I'm Too Busy! One Word: Intentional

How to Intentionally Slow Down and Make More Time

It's just so mind-boggling at how busy I am now with my writing, college classes, church activities, Civil Air Patrol events and meetings, children's activities and events and the list goes on and on. But when did I get so busy? Every day is filled with something going on!
When I realized the next time I would be able to meet my sister for coffee might just be after Spring Break (she's a teacher!), it occured to me that it's not her busy schedule and demands of grading and lesson planning that were keeping us from having a weekly--or MONTHLY--coffee time; it was my fully cram-packed, something-going-on-daily, no-time-for-coffee busyness that hindered our sister time.
I know I need to slow down! So I had to take a step back, determine what things take priority in my life and my kids' lives, and make a plan. You know, we all are given the same 24 hours in which to work, meet, play, eat, and sleep. But what makes a tremendous difference is how we use our time. 
Many of us probably use a weekly or monthly schedule. Do you schedule time to meet with friends? For devotions? For yourself? I certainly didn't and now, I have to be intentional about making appointments, setting my schedule and getting the most out of my time with God, my family, my friends and of course myself.
What things are important to you? Do you schedule them on your calendar? How have you kept from becoming too busy? 


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