Friday, February 14, 2014

Love...Experiencing Tender Moments With the Lord

I remember as a teenager wishing each year that school didn't fall on Valentine's Day. All the cheerleaders and the girls with boyfriends received flowers or balloons, their lockers were decorated with streamers proclaiming the day of love, and there was no doubt who had a significant other...and who didn't. I was in the later category. 

(C) 2014 Super Mom Illusion

I longed for that special someone who made me feel complete! I longed to have someone lavish good things over me. I longed for that intimacy of someone truly knowing me and tending to my feelings and emotions. I searched and tried to find reasonable companions, but neither of them could give me those things I needed deep down inside. I decided I simply had to stop searching. And that is when the Lord began to become more real to me as the One who could and would complete me in every way.
Jesus is the perfect example of a bridegroom and He is ready and waiting to adorn us with garments and jewels!
I didn't learn that Jesus longs to be the One who lavishes good things over me, who knows me better than anyone else, and the One who truly longs to tend to my feelings and emotions until I was 30 years old! Young woman, the Lord desires to be the One who completes you! He wants to woo you and be the focus of your daily life. Mom of babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young children, He truly has a plan for your life beyond motherhood! Titus woman, you are never too old to dream new dreams or to set another goal! His plans for you are for good and not evil! To prosper you; give you a hope, a future and an expected end!
This Valentine's Day seek out those tender moments with the Lord where He can share the plans and purpose of your life.


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