Friday, July 12, 2013

A Day in the Life...

What Does Your Day Look Like?

I love printables!  I fill my office walls with many that inspire, remind, and encourage me throughout the day.  Printables are sort of paper size posters that have sayings or poems on them meant to be visual reminders.  In this case, many of the printables I have have spiritual inspirational sayings on them.  One of my favorites is from Thankful Homemaker and has words like "Give thanks," "Time with the Lord," "What's for Dinner?" and "Turn on Some Music."  
I enjoy these little reminders that I can quickly look at because sometimes my daily activities just find me so busy that I need these gentle words to get me back on track.  So many times, life just seems to rush on by me.  I know I need to give thanks and spend more time with the Lord, and that is my desire every day.  But it is wonderful to also have sisters in the Lord creating these amazing little printable sheets that can be placed in various areas in my home and office to bring back to my memory those things I truly must focus on daily!


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