Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting the Vision, Pursuing Your Dream

I have a passion for writing stories!  I love every aspect of telling stories (mostly fictional accounts) of the ways the Lord has changed the characters in my books from hopelessness to becoming redeemed from their situations through the hand of God.  I think everyone has a real-life story to tell, a life message to share that only you can explain.  I believe these stories will change your life and impact the lives of others, too.
This vision didn't come overnight for me.  As a matter of fact, looking back over my life, I've always enjoyed writing and relaying stories, but I didn't always have a passion for it.  At least, I couldn't call it a passion for writing.  In 2005, I attended a women's retreat and was given the book, "Your Best Life Now Journal" by Joel Osteen.  Reading through this book is how my passion for writing was ignited!  There was a devotion that asked what our dreams in life were.  What did I want to become?  What goals did I want to accomplish?  And there were several other thought-provoking questions that I had hardly given thought to, if ever.  But one line caught my attention: If you've forgotten your dreams, ask the Lord to reveal them to you again.  I prayed and asked God to show me my dreams of my youth, and He did!
It can be that way for you, too.  Have you forgotten what dreams and goals and plans you had for your life when you were younger?  Here are some tips on getting the vision and pursuing your dreams:

  • Ask God to reveal the dreams of your youth
  • Think about things you used to do as a child, just things you did for fun.  Write those things down.
  • Think about how those things of your childhood are similar to things in your life now.  Often, the things you do now in life are somehow intertwined with your passion and your vision!
Write down your observations of these things you've been thinking about.  Most likely, you'll remember your dreams and can start on your path of accomplishing the goals and plans God has for you.  Habakkuk 2:2 says: Write the vision plain as day so that you can see it in your comings and goings.  Keep that vision in front of you once you get a hold of it!  You're on your way to doing great things!


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