Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TIP TUESDAY: Sunburn relief

Best Remedies for Sunburns

With summertime activities outdoors, and even with sun protection, sunburns can occur.  I know because I was caught unprepared for an event I attended last week and now have a nice red hue to show for it.  I know there are a few recipes for homemade sunscreen, although I've never made my own.  I have relied on sunburn relief products in the past, but I prefer vinegar as my go-to solution for stinging, burning sunburn pain.  I soak a washcloth in vinegar and set the cool cloth on the sunburned area until the stinging subsides or the cloth gets warm again.  As the sunburn heals, I reduce the vinegar and make the solution more 50-50 with water.  
Do you have a favorite sunscreen recipe?  What is your go-to remedy for taking the sting and burn out of sunburns?

Remember, too, with sunscreen, anything over 50 SPF isn't really doing anything.

Have a safe, sunburn-free summer!!

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