Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TIP TUESDAY: Ways to Reuse Various Bottles

Ever thought about how you could recycle and reuse some of those nifty bottles like ketchup and Parmesan cheese come in?  I've got a few tips for neat ways to use these bottles again!
  • Use empty, washed Parmesan cheese canisters to make and store your own onion soup mix, ranch mix, and taco seasoning in.  (I got the recipes for those three mixes on Facebook!)
  • Use the empty, washed ketchup bottles (the kind you set on their lids) for perfectly squeezed portions when making pancakes or waffles.
  • Use leftover breast milk storage bags to store chicken or beef broth or even the main ingredients of Good Girl Moonshine from Trim Healthy Mama!
  • Tired of losing cough drops in the bottom of your purse?  Try putting a few in an old prescription bottle!  It's much easier to find. 
  • Tip Of The Day: Remove wrap from Coffee Mate and Use as Storage {Organized CHAOS Online}
    Photo from Organized Chaos Online
  • Use empty fancy coffee creamer bottles (like International Delight or Coffee Mate found in the  efrigerator section) to store kids' snacks like cereal, cheese puffs or dried fruit.  You can also store baking items like almonds and chocolate chips.  (I got that from my friends over at Organized Chaos!)
Have some reusable ideas and tips to share?  We would love to see them!!


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