Thursday, July 18, 2013

Being the Example

There are times in life that in order to be a good leader we must be an example.  There are also times when, honestly, I don't feel like being a good example of the right attitude to have; I don't feel like being patient in certain situations; and I simply struggle with being in a good mood about trials that have come.  Have you ever felt that way?

But you know, Jesus was the perfect display of leading by example.  He was tried and tempted and tested, but His example was to refer to the Word of God.  He knew the Scriptures, of course.  But He also applied them in His life.  I don't know how many times I could have quoted the Bible in a situation, but instead, I whined and complained, and my attitude showed my sour mood, too.  I'm not being a very good example to those around, and worst of all, I'm setting a poor example for my children.
As I meditated on this verse, I began to seek the Lord asking Him to change my heart and keep me in a thankful spirit of praise.  The verse was this:

  • Do all things without complaining and arguing...Philippians 2:14

In order to not complain, I have to stay in the habit of keeping my attitude in check.  In order to remain patient in stressful situations, I must rest in the calm and peace of the Lord.  And in order to achieve a good mood during trials, I must give them all to God knowing that He not only can solve my troubles but that He already has the solution!!
This week, how will you be the example to those around?


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