Friday, July 5, 2013

Breaking Away

Pushing Aside the Things That Steal Our Time With God

Recently, my husband and I set out to run our weekend errands.  By the time we got to the other side of town I realized I left my cell phone at home.  For me, this was a huge deal!  I do so much on my Smart Phone, and the thought of being without it caused me a bit of panic.  But I survived.  And I had a wonderful time running errands and not being distracted by my phone.  
I've talked about those things that steal our time and focus when it comes to our vision for the Kingdom.  But there are things that steal our time from God, too.  It's a familiar sight these days.  We set out in the morning with a plan.  A plan to spend 10 minutes in devotional time with the Lord.  For me, I get my mug out for coffee.  Then I realize that I probably should unload the dishwasher, and when I'm done I reload out of habit.  Next, I make my coffee and sit down on my bed for alone time with God.  I turn on some music because I like to hear praise and worship songs during my prayer time.  I can't find just hte right song, so I shuffle throug ha few songs.  Then I decide to let the dogs out, and feed them once they come back in.  The kids begin waking up at this point, so I make them breakfast.  The nI clean up the kitchen more completely, and before I know it, we are in the full swing of our day.  And I never got to spend time with the Lord.

My challenge for you this week is to set aside the cell phone.  Turn off the television.  Take a time out and spend quality time talking to God.  After all, that's what He really desires from is us is our fellowship with Him!

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